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Publisher Malcolm Patterson created Against the Grain magazine out of necessity. Malcolm is a Publisher, 17-year Master Barber and owner of Noonie’s House, a thriving barbershop in Houston, Texas. He has developed an executive team second to none which consists of Hilton LaSalle, VP of Corporate Affairs, Dwayne Thompson, VP of Marketing and Sales, and Andre Walker, Music and Entertainment Director and many others who have all become a part of this growing phenomenon called Against the Grain Magazine the "Barbershop Live and Direct"

After opening the barbershop in 2002, Malcolm immediately began to search for barbershop entertainment for his customers through local and national magazines including barber periodicals and catalogs. Finding no magazines specifically focused on the profession of barbering, he started his own in 2005. Since then, the industry has grown and there has been an explosion of interest in the barbering industry through television, film and the Internet.

Against the Grainhas cutting-edge editorial addressing the interests of today’s savvy and educated barbers while adding flavor to the barbershop scene. Each issue will take the reader on a behind-the-scenes journey of the barber profession, covering sports, entertainment, lifestyle, politics, family and education.

Produced quarterly and Houston-based, its readers are mainly discerning males, master barbers and those who are new to the barbering industry. Our clients, vendors, barber suppliers, and even the mainstream will find the editorial off-the-cuff, bold and enlightening. Since women now make up a large part of the barbering scene we offer informative articles and trends for our skilled and educated female readers.

There are now over 230,000 licensed barbers, 130,000 active shops, and 800 barber schools in the United States. Estimates show that there are more than 400,000 barbering professionals and 300,000 shops outside of the U.S. worldwide. We intend to grow this industry to esteem the barber and find employment for the hundreds of students coming out of our barber schools.
Against the Grainis available nationally in 36 cities, select barbershops, barber supply houses, retail stores, venues targeting men and women in the barbering industry , and by subscription. Please look for Against the Grain Magazine as we circle the globe looking for new trends and exciting changes in the barbering industry.

Malcolm Patterson
Against The Grain Magazine

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