Tuesday, June 30, 2009


"Beauty, brains and talent, I'm a problem! And once the industry realizes, they'll be in a lot of trouble." She laughs… Never intimidated by what is said to be impossible, Nirvana Savoury has no limits on what can be done. Whether it's facing the challenges of motherhood, selling out venues across the country, and simultaneously launching a brand. Her experiences have molded and shaped her to move in an iconic direction.

Born into a legacy of artists in Toronto, Canada, Nirvana Savoury thrived under the guidance of a parental performing artist. Her Chinese-Jamaican mother, a trained dancer, and brothers influenced Nirvana to blossom into a musical trendsetter. "My mother taught me to be independent and to stand for what I believe in, my brothers taught me to be tough and outspoken," she recalls.

By age 14, in pursuit of honing her performance arts skills, she attended Cardinal Center Academy for the Arts. At eighteen, life faced her with her first challenge: motherhood. " When I got pregnant, I was told I would have to choose between a family or a career. Choosing was not an option. I knew I had to have both. I know I want more for my family. Having my son only made my vision clearer. I want to leave my handprint on this globe".

In 2002 Nirvana launched her professional career in Canada with the female trio X-Quisite, where she garnered such accolades as: 1 Most Played Female Group and Urban Group in All Formats, CHR, and most played group A/C Radio. The group received nominations as Best New Artist at the 2002 Urban Music Awards of Canada and Best New Artist (CHR) at the 2002 Canadian Radio Awards. By 2003 X-Quisite was honored with a Juno nomination for R&B/Soul Recording of the Year. As a solo artist Nirvana has worked with Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins, appearing on the hook for the song "J-A-D-A", for the motion picture "HONEY" alongside rappers JADAKISS and SHEEK. Her vocal styling also compliments the soundtrack to the motion picture "SOULPLANE".

Miss Savoury is proving that success knows no boundaries. Gearing up to launch her first commercial single entitled "Chickn n Waffles", a guaranteed club banger with a catchy hook, and launching a complete lifestyle brand: an innovative kids line based on her alter ego "Kitty Ming", she finds time to continue to inspire youths at schools and communities. Nirvana plans on offering an entertainment lifestyle beyond mediocrity.

Nirvana Savoury is the complete package: mother, artist, entrepreneur and motivator. "I'll sleep in my grave. Right now I'm all about results. I believe in giving your all, doing your research and when that feeling in your gut says you're ready, go HARD!!"


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