Tuesday, April 28, 2009

J.Harden The King of Hood and Blues

Some of you are sitting there asking yourself, What in the world is Hood & Blues and what makes the is person the King Hood & Blues , well Hood & Blues is a true Genre where you bring together the 808 of the Hip Hop culture and the Pains and struggles of the Blues world, and the artist by the name of J.Harden has mastered this, he brings you the sounds of Marvin Gaye over the beat of Young Jezzey making him a extremely unique artist. In addition to bring you a different sound he is a mulit talented artist, he is a talented artist receiving placement on the last Adian Howard project Nasty Grind as a song writer, he is a producer that produces most of his track and he is also the CEO of his on entertainment company in addition to make some of the hottest music in the industry he gives back to his community through a program called The Oxford House which is a Non-Profit orgainzation dedicated to sobrity and rehab. If you would like to know more about this SuperStar then Please feel free to follow him on www.twitter.com/jharden01 or check him on www.myspace.com/atlsoulboy

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