Monday, May 4, 2009


What I’m Trippin’ on…Vol. 1

Well ladies and germs, thanks for joining me, this is my blog. Be prepared to be upset, disgusted, and offended. I first wanna thank Cool V and the rest of the Trunk Hustlers, for thinking my thoughts need to be documented.

Alright, enough with the ass kissin’…

You wanna know what I’m trippin’ on?! Of course you do…You are HERE!

Hype. I hate it! I despise it! I Would like to take it out back and see who get’s dirty. It is a simple word. I mean, look at the definition.

hype (hp) Slang

1. Excessive publicity and the ensuing commotion: the hype surrounding new artist Drake

2. Exaggerated or extravagant claims made especially in advertising or promotional material: the best rapper alive, since the best rapper retired.

3. Something deliberately misleading; a deception: I know Noreaga, the real Noreaga.

You see where I am going here peeps?!

DBTH= Dont Believe The Hype

Don’t buy into it. Dont spend any of your energy on it. It is not real. Only if you make it, or let it, or feed it; will it become real.

I know that is difficult to imagine doing; especially being a hip hop lover, or a fan, or aficionado. We love this hip hop ish. Some of us live by it, die by it. Saying this, we also know, or should know, that most of it is not real. It use to be ALL real. NO ONE fabricated lyrics, or said stuff that didn’t happen or wasn’t true. If they did they were ousted, outta there, finito. No one supported them. No one payed them any mind. They didn’t have to have flashy clothes, or big booty girls, or ice/bling in the video. NONE of THAT! It was about the groove. The lyrics. The feeling. The message.

I ain’t gonna front. I love listening to that street shit from time to time. The smoking weed, sexual lyrics, the hardcore. So, I am just as guilty as the next man, woman, and child.

I’m just trying to say, don’t be mislead. Just because your local radio, or cable chanel, or perferred social networking site, or BLOGGER says that an artist or group is hot or dope or the next big thing (pause) THINK FOR YOURSELF.


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